Wednesday, February 14, 2018

Ipsy! February Glam Bag

I. LOVE. Makeup.
     It's one of the simple pleasures that I have in life.  I'm certainly not a makeup artist...  but I remember even when I was in high school and college, makeup had a special place in my heart!  I'll never forget the day that I realized the 99 cent bon bons at Walmart made an amazing eye shadow!  So for years, its been something that I've just enjoyed with all of my heart!  
   Because I'm not a makeup artist, I have shyed away from posting any 'beauty tips', but honestly, its something I've always wanted to share!  What works/what does.  I don't consider myself a 'beauty blogger', but something that I want to share on my blog now are my passions, and makeup is certainly one  of those!!!
    I was super excited at the beginning of the month when I first heard about Ipsy's glam bag on instagram.  I took a look at it, since I had never seemed interested in birch box or any of the other subscription beauty products, but the products in Ipsy caught my eye.  So I checked it out, and was so impressed by the products that they had to offer!  I checked out a blog that had glam bag unboxing posts, and there wasn't ONE glam bag that I didn't like!  So I committed to the $10 per month subscription fee, and I'm SO glad that I did!  So starting this month, I want to share my Glam bag experiences, as well as some other makeups that are close to my heart!!!  Enjoy!!!

To sign of up for Ipsy glam bag!!!  Click HERE!  This is my referral link!  

Glam Bag- February 2018!

What was in my bag?

Saturday, February 10, 2018

If you don't know where you are going, any road can take you there....

"From the moment I fell down that rabbit hole I've been told what I must do and who I must be. I've been shrunk, stretched, scratched, and stuffed into a teapot. I've been accused of being Alice and of not being Alice but this is my dream. I'll decide where it goes from here." - Alice


    I think we all have those fleeting moments where we feel completely, totally, wholly and utterly-free.  For me at least they have always been fleeting, to say the least.  Just a moment, like a breath of fresh air after surfacing from the water.  The moment that the air fills your lungs with a burst of hope and refreshment...  when you take a second away from the involuntary act of breathing just to breathe deeply.  It fills your lungs and re-aligns everything.  The burst of oxygen brings your thoughts to height and your soul to depth.  You feel- alive.  There's a variance and a fierceness that you've been lacking, and you just know that your eyes are brighter and your body lighter.  A moment of crisp sharpness, that although it may be fleeting- it reminds you that you are alive.  
   I live for those moments.